Portable Biogas Plant

Portable, ready to install biogas plant for small holder farmers manufactured using high quality, durable fabric with 10 years of warranty.

Commercial/Industrial Biogas Plants

Kisangas helps commercial dairy farms to invest their waste and unlock the value of cow dung by producing biogas as sustainable source of energy and organic fertilizer to earn additional income.

What is Kisangas Plant?

It is modern a modern biogas plant designed especially for farmers. Kisangas tanks are manufactured using high quality durable fabric. Kisangas plants are designed as per specific requirement of farmers.

Features of Kisangas Plant

Modern Biogas Plant

Long Lasting Plant Material

After Sales Service

Easy Installation

One Day Installation

Maintenance Free Plant

No need of any type of construction for his plant

Kisangas Benefits

Cattle dung is normally underutilized resource which often lies piled up. This loose potential energy in cow dung and also causes sanitization issues. Kisangas is modern but still affordable biogas technology which helps to convert cattle dung in to high volume methane. This is clean form of fuel. Thus Kisangas in a way makes farmers self-reliant for fuel. The organic slurry generated from Kisangas is an excellent bio fertilizer. By using this slurry farmers reduces dependence on costly chemical fertilizers.

Kisangas plants are useful for

  • Small and medium size Farmers
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Poultry Farms
  • Community biogas plants

Application of Kisangas

  • Use for cooking
  • Use for heating water
  • Electricity generation
  • Cold storage for vegetables
  • Organic fertilizer in the form of slurry

About Us

Kisangas is a product developed by Cleanergy Tech Solution Pvt Ltd. Cleanergy Tech Solutions was founded in 2016. Our aim is to provide sustainable organic waste management solutions. Our mission is to empower people to utilize waste as a commodity.
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